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About SLAIG...

First, you may be wondering, "What is an Alumni Interest Group?" According to the Penn State Alumni Association, an Alumni Interest Group (AIG) is a group of alumni and friends of Penn State who have common interests arising from their University-recognized co-curricular activities or common cultural or postgraduate interests. Currently there are 26 AIGs, including the African American Alumni Organization, Cheerleading, Crew and Thespians.

If you've ever caught yourself humming, "Can't You Feel It," were shocked to learn you still know the choreography to, "Sing, Sing, Sing," wished you'd kept in better touch with fellow performers or cared about the future of the Singing Lions - then this is the group for you.

Our Mission Statement:

"Provide a forum for Singing Lions alumni and friends to enhance their connection with the Singing Lions, both past and present, and foster a greater sense of community with Penn State. Focus the talents and energy of alumni to provide support to the current group, and to promote the reputation of the Singing Lions within the university community as 'Penn State's Singing Ambassadors'."

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